Celebrating and Maintaining Weight Loss

Congratulations, you’ve reached your weight goal! Now what? Surprisingly, the maintenance phase of weight loss can be harder than the diet itself. There’s the fear of regaining weight, the pressure of everyday life and stressors, or the sense that your weight loss journey is over.

To Help You Maintain Your Healthy Weight We Offer:

  • Action plans

    Specific plans that you can use to maintain your weight or lose the extra pounds you may have regained.

  • Milestones

    Celebrations and rewards of notable achievements.

  • Special events and education sessions

    Designed to keep you motivated and engaged with your healthy approach to life.

  • Support groups

    Everyone needs accountability and people who understand. We help you find the support you need.

  • Social media

    Visit us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for fresh ideas and inspiration, encouragement, healthy living tips, even recipes.



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