Custom diet solutions. Medically supervised. And affordable.

Medically supervised weight loss should be affordable. Dr. Christy Kirkendol Watson and the LiveLight Clinic team strive to make medical weight loss available to everyone because they know what weight loss can do for everyone. It’s so important it’s part of the Healthy Weight Promise.

Estimated Costs of Medical Weight Loss

From the first visit, to follow ups – here’s a breakdown of our Indianapolis medical weight loss clinic costs. Because we do not accept insurance, it is our goal to keep costs comparable to what you would typically spend on an office visit co-pay and prescription co-pay.

  • Comprehensive Initial Assessment*$180
  • Follow Up Office Visit$65
  • Comprehensive Lab Panel$125
  • EKG$55
  • Body Composition Analysis$15
  • Vitamin B12 Injections (optional)$10
  • Weight Loss Vitamin Supplements (optional)$8-$12 / mo
  • Weight Loss Medications**$20-$40 / mo
  • Meal Replacement Bars & Shakes**$50-$70 /  wk

All costs are estimated and subject to change.
*Comprehensive initial assessment includes a complete medical and diet history and physical exam baseline EKG and a detailed body composition analysis.
** Weight Loss medications and meal replacement bars/shakes will vary based on your specific needs.

LaserLight Services Costs

Please contact us today for a LaserLight services consultation. LaserLight services are extremely affordable but are based on your specific needs.

Hair Removal (prices listed below are for six treatments total):

Touch ups 50% off

  • Facial both upper lip and chin$840
  • Upper lip or chin$600
  • Neck$720
  • Underarms$1,200
  • Bikini Full$1,440
  • Bikini Limited$1,200
  • Full Legs$2,400
  • Upper Legs$1,440
  • Lower Legs$1,200
  • Genitals$1,440
  • Back/Shoulders/Neck$2,400
  • Upper Arms$1,200
  • Lower Arms$1,200
  • Full Arms$1,680
  • Ears or Inside of Nose$600
  • Abdomen$1,200
  • Breast$600
  • Chest$2,160
  • Shoulders$1,200
  • Small Area$600
  • Medium Area$1,200
  • Large Area$1,680
  • X-Large Area$2,400

Laser Anti Aging Treatments (prices listed below are for four treatments total):

  • Photorejuvenation partial IPL$600
  • Photorejuvenation IPL full$1,050
  • Custom Rejuvenation (2 or more handpieces)$1,650
  • Facial Veins only/Angiomas or touch up rosacea$600
  • Rosacea (3 passes IPL)$1,200
  • Age Spot/Facial Veins/Angioma (1-3) promo$207
  • Fractional Resurfacing 1540 mouth eyes$2,997
  • Fractional Resurfacing 1540 scar revision$1,050
  • Custom rejuvenation (IPL + resurfacing eyes and mouth)$2,397
  • Custom rejuvenation (IPL + hair removal)$1,350

SmartLipo (prices listed below are for one treatment):

Additional areas qualify for 25% discount

  • SmartLipo Submental Area$2,000
  • SmartLipo Flanks$2,400
  • SmartLipo Abdomen$3,000-$4,000
  • SmartLipo Buttocks$2,400-$3,400
  • SmartLipo Bra Fat$1,800
  • SmartLipo Outer Thighs$2,400
  • SmartLipo Inner Thighs$2,400
  • SmartLipo Arms$2,800
  • Men’s Chest$3,000
  • Knees or Calves$2,ooo

Insurance Reimbursement

The LiveLight Clinic does not accept insurance. However, we are able to print out a comprehensive statement including a breakdown of the visit and diagnoses that you can submit to your individual insurance provider for reimbursement. Please check with your individual carrier to determine what services are covered.

Additional Important Notes Regarding Reimbursement

  • Most of the costs associated with our medical weight loss program are tax deductible.
  • HSA’s & FSA’s can be used to cover some of the costs associated with our program.


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Weight Loss Success Story

client-testimonialJeremy K, Indianapolis
"I was an athlete. I have always been active and in my 20s even ran marathons. Then life happened – career changes, wife, kids and the inevitable weight gain. I needed a plan that worked for my new life of two kids under three, a wife, a home, and my career. Dr. Christy met with me to discuss my lifestyle and assessed my needs and wants. She put me on a monitored plan and the results have been. I am the lightest I have been since my mid-20s and feel great! The plan works for my lifestyle."