Why photorejuvenation treatment…

Photorejuvenation uses light energy from a laser & laser-like device called an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to improve:

  • Brown spots caused by the sun, aging and genetics
  • Blotchy redness
  • Broken blood vessels

What to expect…

Photorejuvenation, which is sometimes referred to as a “Photofacial,” also improves the texture of skin by stimulating collagen production, which makes pores appear smaller and fine lines less noticeable. Four to five treatments are spaced three to four weeks apart to achieve the best results.

We use the ICON Aesthetic laser and intense pulsed light system for treating skin rejuvenation. No anesthetic cream is necessary during a photorejuvenation procedure.
The entire face is treated in approximately 20 minutes. The neck, chest, arms and hands may also be treated safely and effectively.

Temporary redness and darkening of freckles and brown spots after each treatment are expected. Occasionally, slight swelling occurs under the eyes. More serious side effects are rare but most can be prevented by proper sun avoidance before and after the procedure. Possible adverse effects include discoloration (lightening or darkening), prolonged redness, bruising, swelling and although extremely rare, blistering or scarring.

The best way to maintain results is to protect the skin from sun and use medical grade products in your home skin care program and a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA-UVB coverage. Those who suffer from rosacea may need to use topical or oral medicines to prevent the return of blood vessels that cause the excessive redness. After the initial series of treatments, one or two photorejuvenation treatments per year are helpful to keep brown spots, blood vessels and fine lines at bay. Frequency of maintenance treatments largely depends on sun exposure.



Our clients love the way photorejuvenation treatments make their skin look and feel tight, refreshed and toned.

We invite you to come in and talk to the experienced staff at LiveLight Clinic. We will thoroughly review your treatment options, discuss expected outcomes and find the right procedure for meet your goals and budget. Ask about our Magic Makeover financing!