Why use medical-grade skin care products…

The LiveLight Clinic prescribes medical-grade skin care products to achieve and maintain the healthy skin you desire and deserve. Our skin care products can be used to complement a customized treatment program as well as combat the ongoing skin damage that occurs through the aging process and exposure to the sun. A complete skin care program should include products that address the following:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing
  • Correction of existing skin conditions
  • Prevention of further damage by skin stressors such as:
    • UV exposure and environmental pollution
    • Protection with UVA-UVB broad spectrum sunscreens

What to expect…

We carry only medical-grade products designed by industry-leading manufacturers. Together, our team of aesthetic professionals will strive to offer real solutions to your aging, health and wellness concerns. The LiveLight Clinic promises to only offer products and services we truly believe in. If we don’t think it works, we promise not to recommend it to you.

We invite you to come in and talk to the experienced staff at LiveLight Clinic. We will thoroughly review your treatment options, discuss expected outcomes and find the right procedure for meet your goals and budget. Ask about our Magic Makeover financing!